CARE+CRAFT is a concept conceived by Forge Craft Architecture + Design as an innovative modular architectural solution for the current pandemic. Given Forge Craft's comprehensive experience in modular design and construction we feel the modular industry is uniquely positioned to combat any health crisis or disaster head on. Our nation's centralized hospital system lacks sufficient capacity to handle the surge caused by highly contagious airborne infectious diseases like COVID-19. CARE+CRAFT is a prefabricated volumetric modular unit that can be quickly deployed to decentralized Alternate Care Sites (ACS), which mitigates the increased demand put on our hospitals.

Each module features two negatively-pressurized rooms with its own ADA-compliant bathroom separated from the bedroom area by a retractable curtain in order to maintain adequate floor clearance for medical personnel. The rooms have their own dedicated HVAC system that meets the needs of any highly-contagious respiratory virus such as COVID-19. They are designed to Airborne Infection Isolation Room (AIIR) guidelines as recommended by the CDC, which includes having 12 air changes per hour (ACH) and directly exhausting air to the outside. They can also be tailored to meet evolving FGI guidelines. The patient rooms feature a health-code compliant automatic sliding door and a view window to allow for visual connection both into and out from the patient's room. Each room also has a skylight with biophilia frit to give patients awareness of the changing light conditions outside and a connection to nature. They are also outfitted with Wi-Fi and a personal monitor as a convenient means for patients to communicate with family and friends while in isolation. In our CARE+CRAFT units emotional and mental healing is vital to the healing process.

A set of 12 rooms is housed under a portable fabric superstructure and paired with a medical hub that has its own dedicated staff. Each ward operates independently as self-contained units and can easily be scaled up as demand grows by adding another set of modules to create another ward. The modules are self-leveling with a foundation system that has the ability to adapt to different soil conditions. They are adjoined to an elevated pedestal deck system that accommodates uneven and/or pervious surfaces, providing a non-skid walking surface that can be adapted to be accessible.

The modules themselves are comprised of a 6-inch structural frame that can be wood, structural steel or a light gauge non-combustible steel frame, cavity-insulated with spray-foam and mesh or SAFB. The floors are a lightweight composite material that is taped to a cementitious structural flooring substrate which itself is fully seam-sealed and flashed to the wall frames. Ceilings and walls consist of the same lightweight composite material that can be taped or velcroed to overhead framing. Each module is further outfitted with its own HVAC and plumbing system that may be manifolded or hermetically isolated as necessary. Medical headwalls are easily installed and both line- and low-voltage power connected to the available power grid. The CARE+CRAFT modules were designed to maximize flexibility and adaptability to varying sites and circumstances. These modular units are portable, repurposable structures that can be disinfected, dismantled, and stored – ready to be deployed for the next crisis.