FORGE CRAFT ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN is a professional architecture firm offering design services with a primary focus on architecture and related tactile arts such as interior architecture, industrial/product design, furniture design, exhibition design and an ongoing active interest in pursuing private and civic real estate development opportunities. Founders Scott Ginder and Rommel Sulit have combined their wide range of project experience and project scales with the intention of producing architecture that benefits from an enhanced understanding of design and construction.


“Design” is the “purpose or planning that exists behind an action, fact, or object.” “Forge” is defined as “to form or make by concentrated effort.” “Craft” is “skill in making.” Our organization is built around a clear principle: to plan with purpose and then make by concentrated effort and with great skill.

We also see the terms “Forge” and “Craft” as mediating between two opposing concepts that are central to the act of making architecture. “Forge” encompasses the raw power necessary to complete any building – harvesting raw materials, transporting and directing large quantities of energy through its labor force. “Craft” entails the finer qualities of design and focus and small scale minutiae that make our building fit for human inhabitation.


“I have worked with Scott Ginder and ForgeCraft Architecture on numerous Spec and Custom Homes Projects and have used his vision on a Lake House outside of Texas. The experience was great and always feel that they will produce plans that are slightly different and unique from the norm! When you are designing a Spec or Custom home a LOT of time is spent with your architect, so his/her personality is just as important as their skills. Scott is a great guy and all those at ForgeCraft are easy to work with. He is skilled at knowing and understanding the sometimes subtle differences between all the architectural styles – from arts and crafts to contemporary to Mediterranean to traditional hill country. Scott is great at the soon to be lost art of hand sketching, which is invaluable when working over the table discussing new ideas. His costs are competitive, transparent, and known up front, and he always shows up on time to meetings. Finally, as skilled as Scott is, he doesn’t get his feelings hurt if you don’t like one of his ideas…he is truly interested in giving the client what they want! I would highly recommend any builder or potential Custom Home client to visit with ForgeCraft Architecture to discuss a new project, it will be time well spent.” – Paul Streeter, Camelot Custom Homes

“The Best team for creativity, calmness in the process, and value. They guided me through a difficult review and approval process in a Colorado ski town for a mixed use development and all looks good to go.” – David Zedeck, Yampa Mixed Use

“We engaged the team at Forge Craft to design our new home, and have been absolutely thrilled with the result. They have been a pleasure to work with and excel at taking concepts and translating them into reality. They used their creativity and resourcefulness to develop a plan that fit our needs functionally as well as aesthetically. I highly recommend Scott, Rommel, and their entire team.” – Tim Eurton, Roble Vivo Residence

“Forge Craft is one to watch. They have the background and the skills and are on their way to national prominence. In a field where often visual aesthetics are not supported by durability, health/IAQ and thermal comfort, their work implicitly understands that a good design includes both form and function. They have the team and take the extra time to pay attention to countless details that add up to deliver both beauty and comfort.” – Positive Energy

“Scott Ginder and his team at Forge Craft are fantastic Architects! There are many firms that design beautiful buildings, but few understand how to design for comfort, efficiency, and durability. As a General Contractor, I love working on Forge Craft projects, they truly understand the building science behind the scenes that results in functional, comfortable, efficient homes. I give them my highest recommendation. If you are interviewing Architects, they should be on the very top of your list. They are fantastic to work with, and their projects result in VERY happy clients.” – Risinger Homes