Fourth& is the only building in East Austin to offer micro-loft condominiums, as well as flexible work and retail spaces. For creative professionals who view the city as an extension of their own walls, Fourth& is surrounded by a rich array of historic sites, one-of-a-kind businesses, restaurants, music venues and public spaces. The team of Austin builders and designers has a vision for a timeless, flexible building that feels at home in this vital neighborhood, with continuity between the streetscape and what’s inside the building. The building’s micro-lofts will emphasize practicality and sustainability vs. needless sprawl. The walkable location is near commuter rails and bike trails, so it will be easy to explore nearby or to move about the city. Utilizing the utmost innovation in green architecture and efficient building methods, Fourth& will make it possible to enjoy a full life with a small footprint.

Capsa Ventures received the Austin Chamber of Commerce Intel Environmental Responsibility & Sustainability Award for their work on Fourth& and other projects.

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For more information about the property, or to sign up for future updates and leasing procedures, please visit For an insight into the design and construction process, check out Fourth&’s videos on Vimeo.