Invited by an affordable development client to submit a proposal for the Capital Metro Saltillo Development from a select group of candidates, Forge Craft envisioned a distinctly present yet forward-thinking civic and private development that could benefit all of Austin. Drawing inspiration from Millennium Plaza in Chicago, Capital Metro Saltillo sought to create a public space around which private work and dwelling activities could proliferate and flourish. With innovative strategies such as relocating the funky house-bars of Rainey Street to this locale and connecting them all with a continuous picnic table, the idea of gathering is memorialized in a combination of old Austin and new Austin. Further inspired with the concept of a picnic blanket, we proposed a basket-like web to contain the large central park where Austin’s propensity for festivals and special events may be expressed. A city within a city, Capital Metro Saltillo would be a memorable destination for Austinites and visitors alike.